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I’m having fun working in three dimensions with areas that are not easily accessible to the average adventurer, thus explaining why extraordinary adventurers are required as well as why these areas have not yet been plundered.

In the case of “Imp Tower”, a decrepit stone tower sits over a hole that leads down to a cave, definitely home to something nasty with wings that the locals don’t have the skills, manpower and bravado to take care of. Sure, someone could climb down the shaft exposed in the floor of the ruined tower, or up or down the cliff face to get to the cave, but the entire time they would be sitting ducks for the beasts that claim these caves as their home.

Imp Tower

Imp Tower

Imp Tower was drawn with a Micron 01 and Micron 005 pen on the inside flyleaf of a copy of Dyson’s Delves II (a 6×9 surface). The paper of the flyleaf is much more absorbent than the papers I normally use, meaning I had to use a particularly light touch with the pens to prevent blotting. It is made available for your use thanks to the 152 patrons who support the Dodecahedron through my Patreon Campaign.