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I got a lot of great feedback and enthusiasm over my recent Neoclassical Geek Revival character sheet. Enough that I figured it was about time that I took another hack at making a character sheet for my one true love, B/X D&D. Well, in the end I wandered off a bit and did a sheet for Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion – so the saving throws are out of order if you play B/X still.


The sheet looks super-sweet. I’ll be printing off a batch for my next game.

2014 Labyrinth Lord AEC Sheet (Front)

2014 Labyrinth Lord AEC Sheet (Front)

There’s only the front page at this point. With a bit of photoshop I could probably remove the saving throw block and replace it with the stuff needed for other OSR games (like Base Attack Bonuses, single saving throws, etc). But for now this is all you get. Because I’m a lazy motherfucker. Also, it’s a JPG file, not a PDF. So there.

(PS: It has been pointed out by The Badger over at OSRToday that you can definitely use the back of my Neoclassical Geek Revival sheet as a back for this sheet – so here’s the back in question)

NGR Sheet - Back

NGR Sheet – Back