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Today, we go back in time…

I was out the other night and around 1 am I found myself with nothing to do for a bit. I also realized I didn’t have my paper nor my good pens for mapping. But in my bag I had the pens I used to use until this year. The same Zebra Sarasas that I’d been using since I started posting maps to the blog until I finally ponied up the dough for the Sakura Microns thanks to my Patreon patrons.

Crypt In Progress

Crypt In Progress

So, I pulled out a pen, some cheap 3×5 paper that was nearby, and drew a map. I’m not used to having to avoid touching my work as it dries (the microns are spoiling me) so I ended up smudging some of the slope lines, but those got buffed out in post-production.

Cranston's Crypt

Cranston’s Crypt

The final dungeon is Crampton’s Crypt – a cave sunken into a gentle hillside to the south of Springhollow. The cave has had the most easily accessed parts converted into a crypt of the Crampton family as well as a private chapel. Unfortunately for the Crampton’s, construction of the chapel brought the floor to a level less than a half inch from the cave below it, and over the years the floor has collapsed with use, been plastered over, then collapsed again. Now the chapel lies dusty and unused, the crypts only visited when another venerated member of the family passes on. The caves are damp and mildewed because of a small underground stream that passes through the lowest mushroom-infested cave.