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Along the island shore, no more than a few hours walk from Ravenson’s Landing is another tower standing alone, jutting out above the sea. Made of a soft green stone, it appears to have been carved from soapstone or something similar and was evidently once part of a much larger construction. There are two entries into the tower, neither of which is very convenient. And one of which seems to make no sense whatsoever.

The obvious entry is the doorway 12 feet off the ground with the ruins of a bridge or similar structure jutting out from it. The other entrance is to climb to the top of the tower where there is a stairwell that descends down to the lower levels.

The problem is that these two entrances don’t seem to go to the same tower.

Dreamer's Tower

Dreamer’s Tower

Anyone entering through the doorway finds themselves in a circular chamber with no stairs up or down, but containing old metal bookshelves and chairs and a single trap door that leads to a set of three rooms that evidently lay outside of the area of the tower itself. Entry from the top of the tower presents the explorer with stairs that lead down, but not to the same chamber as the doorway – in fact it leads to two other tower levels completely bypassing the strange library.

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I’ve felt constrained lately by the requirements of physics and “realistic” maps. A feeling which lead to me writing up the Hollow Tree for my DCC game and has now lead to the Dreamer’s Tower. I find that fantasy sometimes needs the fantastic – things that just feel odd. The easiest ways to do this is to fuck with physics. I think I’ll draw a floating structure next. Something that just hangs in the sky in exactly the same way that bricks don’t.