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I’m putting together another set of printed maps for my incredibly generous Patreon patrons. To do so means going through my scanned maps folders, throwing them on a USB stick, and heading out to the print shop. Except this time as I was going through my scanned maps folders, I came across a few maps that I had scanned in 2011 but didn’t make it onto the site – they had been scanned to be included in Dyson’s Delves and some of them made it into the book but never made it into the public eye through the blog. So it’s time to return to “The Lost Maps” – my series of maps that I drew in 2010 on plain white paper using pencil instead of ink. It turns out this set of maps is fairly extensive.

The Stony Recesses - Upper Level

The Stony Recesses – Upper Level

The Stony Recesses were one of three elemental-themed dungeons used in a campaign I ran in 2010. The other two were posted ages ago – Ember Crag (Fire) and The Roots of the World (Water). The Stony Recesses is a series of caves and shrines to the Elemental Lords of Earth.

The Stony Recesses is a two-level dungeon environment with multiple entrances / exits, but only one way to get to the lower level – a massive staircase spiraling down the wall of a 120′ deep chamber that is the largest feature of the area. And to make things difficult, a pair of manticores live at the bottom of that chamber, watching for intruders who would cross through their domain.

The Stony Recesses - Level 2

The Stony Recesses – Level 2

The lower level of the dungeon was focused around the chamber on the lower left which is a series of descending sections, each 3 feet lower than the last. As each platform is stepped on, a massive stone living statue would teleport onto the level from the storage chamber to the south in order to defend the final area where the EarthStone was sitting on a block of quartz. More puzzling to the players was the chamber on the north side with the sliding block wall. The wall had two positions, one of which pushes south enough to open the passageway to the north, but also blocks the door to the chamber it is in and bisects the chamber into two halves. The other position is as shown on the map, opening the southern chamber but blocking the passage to the north.

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This next Lost Map was also used in Dyson’s Delves and had never before been seen on the site and that was drawn for my 2010 Labyrinth Lord / AEC game. I drew Lord Verrul’s tower for a potential side-adventure that the party didn’t bite for. The option was there and they debated heading off to deal with Lord Verrul on three different occasions, but never actually got around to it.

Lord Verrul's Tower

Lord Verrul’s Tower

Lord Verrul’s Tower made an appearance in Dyson’s Delves I (under a different name), but was never posted to the blog for some strange reason. It is now yours to do with as you want (non-commercially) thanks to the awesome support of the patrons of my Patreon Campaign to keep releasing free maps for everyone.

All three of these maps were drawn on rough but very thin white letter-sized paper using hand-sharpened HB / #2 pencils.