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The Leeb family has long maintained their hereditary holdings on a small spire east of town. Although not a rich family, the fact that the holdings include a small fortress that overlooks the fields down in the valley has ensured that the family name is remembered and that they are treated far better than their economics would normally allow.

Leeb's Fortress

Leeb’s Fortress

But this spring the drake arrived, killing Henry Leeb and his three sons, and trapping the remaining family (and their servant in the fortress. The townfolk wouldn’t really have cared all that much, except that once it had eaten the Leeb boys, the drake began plundering the flocks of sheep from the area. Now it’s a problem. And of course, where there’s a dragon, there has to be treasure!

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Leeb’s Fortress was drawn on 8-square per inch graph paperand is the first map I’ve tried drawing with a Faber-Castell artist pen (XS size) because the art store I go to was out of Sakura Microns. It is presented here for your (non-commercial) use thanks to Alex Santonja Rocamora, Simone Spinozzi, Joshua Rodman and the rest of the awesome patrons of the Dodecahedron on Patreon. If you like this map, or others like it, and would like to contribute to the continued creation of more like it, check out my Patreon Campaign to see if you can help out!