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My Patreon campaign includes levels where I ask my patrons for suggestions for maps. I don’t always draw them, and often the final map bears little resemblance to the suggestion, but the goal is to see my maps with ideas that I can use and that will hopefully fit the needs of a patron or two.

Recently a patron was describing a monastery built around the foundation of a massive chain that holds a floating island in place.



As you can probably tell, I loved the idea. I went with an unusual temple design (something monolithic, almost an obelisk, jutting out of the hillside) that is almost directly above the location where the chain is mounted into the bedrock.

I like the sense of scale. That the chain is so big and sturdy that someone’s actually built a few buildings on the chain itself.

I’m definitely going to use it in my campaign. Probably holding onto a chunk of the world at the northern pole, where the world becomes very thin and exists just over the roiling stuff of chaos.