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Not all mines are very extensive. In the case of Cortland’s Mines, they were quite small. Mainly because they were started because a miner saw some silver exposed on a cliffside that had been eroded by a passing river. Not having the time or inclination to reroute the river, digging unfortunately resulted in some very wet and often flooded mines. Turns out there wasn’t all that much silver there anyways.

Cortland's Flooded Mines

Cortland’s Flooded Mines

The mines have been abandoned for some time now, and the bridge over the river is long gone (as is the old guard house and living quarters on this side of the river). But like in any good fantasy story, dark things tend to dwell in dark places, and these mines are no exception…

. . .

Cortland’s Flooded Mines was drawn using Sakura Micron pens (03 for the outer walls, 01 for the cross-hatching and details, 005 for the water and sand) on plain white printer paper that I picked up real cheap because it’s back-to-school time.