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Waaaaay back in January, Michael Pfaff of Louisville D&D posted a nice short adventure to the Adventurer Conqueror King google+ group based around one of my maps. Somewhere along the way I lost it and forgot who had posted it. But the adventure just couldn’t sit there forgotten forever.

The Lost Temple of Estareth

The Lost Temple of Estareth (click for the PDF)

It’s a nice 24-location, 14-page site-based adventure for Adventurer Conqueror King (which in turn means it works perfectly with 1981 B/X D&D or Labyrinth Lord). Michael didn’t give a specific level for the adventure, but my read-through would make it a really rough level 1-2 adventure or almost a cakewalk of a level 2-3 adventure. So let’s call it a level 1-3 adventure not recommended for brand new characters.

Click on the picture above to get to the PDF hosted over on Louisville D&D.