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Last week (or the week before?) someone was looking for a keep map and we commiserated about the fact that there aren’t that many keeps in my map collection… yet.

Dreifer’s Fortress is a coastal fortress in a very defensible position. That’s really all there is to it so far – but we’ll see how long that lasts…

Dreifer's Fortress

Dreifer’s Fortress

My goal yesterday when I started mapping was to make an adventure something like the Tombs of the Gersidi from the original Palladium Fantasy RPG – an adventure where the party is one of several searching for treasure in a recently discovered ruin. I have some ideas on how to make it work in a fresh style (the ruins are well-known, but they have been home to a powerful dragon for some time… until some foolish level 1 adventurer from a small local town went there to slay the mighty beast and make a name for himself last week, and found his plans dashed and his lifespan significantly increased because the dragon seems to have died of natural causes in the last year or so) – but then realized I had this map already roughed out on the graph paper, so decided to finish it first. If I finish the adventure, Dreifer’s Fortress will be the adventure’s suggested “home base” for the party, as well as the home base of at least one competing expedition.