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About a 25 minute walk west of the Burren Estate (home until recently of a massive and ancient wyrm most foul) are three family tombs against the backdrop of rolling hills and ancient oaks.

Without care and maintenance these last hundred years, the tombs are not in the best of shape, but if there is any place the wyrm may not have looted during his century-long stay, it may be the smaller crypts of the family. Except these crypts actually hide something else – a cave containing a small lake and some standing stones (site of ancient sacrifices?) is hidden in these hills and linked to the crypts.

Three Hillside Tombs

Three Hillside Tombs

An alternate access to this cave is a small concealed cave hidden among the roots of a mighty oak tree near the crypts.


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Sorry that the posts going up this week and next are so brief – I’m working through a family medical situation that has us somewhat preoccupied for the next while and these posts are being scheduled in advance and going up with a minimum of work. On the upside, this is giving me time to work the various maps into a cohesive adventure site that I hope to be able to assemble for your enjoyment.