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At the heart of the Burren Estate are the ruins of the structures that were here centuries before the modern estate. These old buildings were supposedly built in cooperation between the earliest members of the Burren line and the elves who still maintained their empire in that era. The old estate structures were already abandoned and in rough shape prior to the arrival of the great wyrm that ate the remaining Burrens and took over the estate.

While the wyrm was in charge he would only make occasional passes by the old estate buildings – spending most of his time in the necropolis and the main estate buildings. This allowed other creatures either foolhardy or stupid enough to risk living in the feeding grounds of a dragon to move into the ruins.

Burren Estate Ruins

Burren Estate Ruins

The Burren Estate Ruins were drawn using Micron 03 and 005 pens (03 for outlines, 005 for hatching, rubble, and details) on plain white printer paper in a single draft. It is presented here free for your non-commercial use thanks to the awesome patrons of the Dodecahedron who support the site (and me!) via my Patreon Campaign.