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I haven’t made it a secret that I’m not proud of the original covers of Delves I and II. I’ve been poking at some alternate cover designs and settled on one and then stalled out there for a while. So, I finally redid the covers and sent myself a set of proofs of the two books in both hard and soft cover editions.

I’ve also saved the template so I’ll be using it for Dyson’s Delves III soonish.

With Lulu’s new pricing, it was also about time that I cut the price of the hardcover down a bit. When I first released Delves I, I was making $2 more on the hardcover than on the softcover release. With the changes in pricing in the back end, I was up to well over a $5 difference in revenue. So, the hardcover edition of the new versions is set at $30 instead of $35, so my revenue between versions remains roughly the same.

You can pick up the new editions at Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/dysonlogos

And don’t forget the SHOP20 coupon that’s happening until the 17th to get 20% off your order (trust me, I didn’t know about it when I ordered these proofs, silly me).