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This old tower and associated structure were built into an outcropping of rock that had traditionally been used as a watch point for the nearby town for generations. As the town found itself existing in safer and safer climes over the years, the tower changed hands and purposes several times, including a few decades as the town’s butcher shop.

The Butcher's Tower

The Butcher’s Tower

Now it is once again used as a watch tower and base of operations for the local bandit warlord. From here he can keep an eye on the shell of the old town and the few families that still eke out a living there. Some families call the tower by it’s traditional name of Hubert’s Tower, but the common name of The Butcher’s Tower seems even more appropriate under current management.

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The Butcher’s Tower was drawn in pencil and ink – using a cheap dollar store mechanical pencil, and a pair of Sakura Micron 03 and 005 pens. It was drawn on a wrinkled sheet of printer paper that survived the flooding we dealt with two weeks ago (albeit not in pristine condition). It was then scanned and cleaned up a little bit in Adobe Photoshop.

I documented a few of the steps in the progress of the map on my google+ account – I started with the side-view of the structure and how I wanted it to look

Sept 16 Progress 1

Then I added the main level and sketched out the tower levels

Sept 16 Progress 2

And here it is just prior to being slapped onto the scanner to create the version posted at the top of the article:

Sept 16 Progress 3