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In case you haven’t been following my blog since 2009, you might not be aware of my love for the classic TSR “Top Secret” RPG. To put it in a modern light, after reading through Gygax magazine issue 1, I decided I wouldn’t be buying it since it seemed to mostly be editorials about how I play games wrong. Then issue 4 came out with a Top Secret adventure. BAM. Sold.


When talking about Top Secret recently, I pulled out my boxed set that I had bought second-hand (and was boggled at the fact that I seem to be up to five copies of Operation: Sprechenhaltestelle) and grabbed the main book. While flipping through it I noticed that the character sheet in the back had been filled in by the previous owner. Definitely not one of my gamers, since we all use the sheets from the Agent Dossier pack (which has more stats).

So, I now have the big bad-guy for my next espionage campaign – Agent 006 – Miyokan Andropov. Dude’s only level 16.

Miyokan Andropov "006"

Miyokan Andropov “006”

Now, there’s a few glitches on this character, like the fact that he only has enough XP to be level 14 instead of 16. On the up-side, his stats must have been painfully average when he started play (average stat of 53, where the average for a totally random character would normally be around 63.

But young Nicholas didn’t stop with awesomely advanced stats (Physical Strength of 218!), he went into awesome levels of detail on the back of the sheet (along with 985 Billion US Dollars).

Miyokan Andropov (back)

Miyokan Andropov (back)

Dude is the head of the KGB, has 6 Faberge eggs, and has a small collection of vehicles scattered around the planet.

Miyokan Andropov, you are the new villain in my next espionage game. Thanks Nicholas Giannatasio – we’ve never met, but your character will forever shape my Top Secret games.