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I like towers, I particularly like them when the entrance isn’t completely obvious. This reminds me of a fort at a park I used to play in as a kid – you had to walk down a long concrete pipe (basically a sewer main pipe) under a hill to get to the tower in the wooden fort.

There are two ways into this tower, either the tunnel in through the hillside, or you have to climb the sheer sides of the stone construction in order to access the ladder that leads up to the roof from the tower below.

Specter's Tower

Specter’s Tower

This particular map was drawn “old school” for me. It was drawn using a 0.7mm gel pen in my Moleskine gridded notebook. It actually takes up three pages in the little notebook – one for the side view, one for sections A & B and finally one for sections C & D.

The whole thing is yours to do with as you please (non-commercially) thanks to the awesome support of the many patrons of my Patreon Campaign.