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The Wolves are a secretive warrior-cult typically pictured fighting with “long knives” (short swords) in both hands. They operate within military forces, tribal warrior bands, city guards and wherever career warriors are to be found. Membership numbers rise and fall, and many members are unaware of religious implications of their “band of brothers” until they are initiated into the higher orders. The “true membership” (those who understand that they are a religious group and who have been involved in at least two rituals involving the Dire Wolf, their god) numbers around a thousand at any one time.

The heart of the organization is Wolf Tower, a small fortified tower in the middle of the territory of an otherwise nomadic hunting tribe. While the tower itself is fairly unremarkable, there is a secret chamber beneath the tower that was once the den of a mighty dire wolf and her pups that is used to this day to commune with the spirit of the great Dire Wolf.

Wolf Tower

Wolf Tower

Wolf Tower was drawn across two pages of my Moleskine gridded reporter’s notebook using Sakura Micron 03 and 005 pens. The various pieces were scanned and assembled into a semi-coherent map using photoshop, and are presented here for your non-commercial use thanks to the many awesome patrons of my Patreon Campaign.

Also, because there are people who feel that the grid is essential to a map for use with some fantasy RPGs, here is a version of Wolf Tower with a grid:

Wolf Tower with Grid

Wolf Tower with Grid


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