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mad mystics of kwantoom

I’m playtesting a B/X D&D Psionics system set to be published by New Big Dragon. I also happen to have a copy of the awesome “Mad Monks of Kwantoom” from Kabuki Kaiser. I figured I should combine the two.

Mad Monks of Kwantoom takes the ideas that were used in Ruins of the Undercity and runs FAR with them. While at heart it remains a rejiggering of the random dungeon generator from the classic 1e DMG, it adds a lot of details to it and also changes it in many ways for solo play. It really plays up the sequences that happen in town between adventures to the 1001 Pagodas of Doom. Also, it adds a whole fun little monster manual of new creatures and a bunch of new monk class variants. The book has a whole appendix of “Secrets” that you discover when certain triggering conditions are met during adventures. Finally, the dungeon generation tables have been well-tweaked to produce smaller, modular dungeons (the 1001 Pagodas of Doom).

So, I rolled up some characters, and went out to the 1001 Pagodas of Doom. Here’s the map results of the first two expeditions to the Pagodas. I’ll write up more about the games later.

Three Pagodas of Doom

Three Pagodas of Doom

What impressed me is that they came out looking and feeling a lot like something I would draw anyways. There are a few places where I fudged a roll because it would have smooshed areas into other areas that were already mapped, and when I was done adventuring in each pagoda I redrew the map in pen and embellished some spots and mutated the shapes of rooms somewhat to fit the final design, but I was quite impressed with the generator so far. The little ruins, trees, docks, paths and so on are my own additions to get the “feel” I had for the Pagodas across.

Oh, and why is the Tuesday Map up on Wednesday? Our apartment building was changing the electrical connections to the apartments yesterday, so I couldn’t scan in the Pagodas when I was done drawing them.