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Old Orlep was founded not too far from OgreMouth cavern… When war came the old village was destroyed and the people of Orlep moved into the cave along with their remaining foodstuffs. In time they built up a new village here – New Orlep is built directly around the cave with a few houses inside the cave proper.

New Orlep

New Orlep

There are two entrances into OgreMouth – the entrance in the middle of the town which is partially walled off and beyond which there are more houses, and the entrance on the hill, hidden by trees and reinforced with a locked door.

Also of note is the side cavern to the left of the main cave that leads to the river. Sitting here in the middle of the river is an altar, around which the secret cultists of Orlep gather once a week in order to keep the foul spirit of the OgreMouth Cave at bay through a series of rituals passed down through the years from those who first had to live in the cave. The rituals are kept secret because the inner circle initiates of the faith don’t want to scare away the people of New Orlep, who would likely panic and move away if they knew what terrors await should the rituals fail.