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The forest of the Beastmen is well known as a place where those who serve fell gods travel to prove themselves against one another for the attention of their dark lords. One constant in the forest is of course the Beastmen, and the westernmost part of the forest is the stomping grounds of Tallhorn’s Herd, a savage group of centaurs, minotaurs and beastmen lead by the Tallhorn – the mightiest of their kin.

What makes this herd more permanent than the other herds and tribes in the forest is Tallhorn’s Retreat, a shrine / crypt / temple / fortress cut into a rocky outcropping in their territory.

Tallhorn's Retreat

Tallhorn’s Retreat

While lacking in easy access and egress points besides the front door, this structure provides shelter and a sign of the favour of the gods through the various shrines that have been built and desecrated over the years.

Tallhorn's Retreat (Gridded)

Tallhorn’s Retreat (Gridded)

Since this map was drawn freehand, there is no way to really match the grid up to the map – but I’ve done my best in this gridded version.

Tallhorn’s Retreat was drawn in a single draft using Sakura Micron 03 and 01 pens in my Dollar Store mapping booklet (which is damned near full and in sad need of replacement soon). It is presented here for your non-commercial use thanks to the awesome people who support the site through my Patreon Campaign.