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gangbustersEarly this week I had a dream where I was playing Rick Krebs’ old school Gangbusters RPG (published by TSR in the early 80’s). In real life I haven’t played this game since the early 90’s (1991 is my best guess back in University).

In the dream, we had awesome character sheets that combined Art Nouveau and classic cars. All our equipment was handled through trading cards with art nouveau borders and illos of the equipment on one side, stats on the other.

I couldn’t kick the mental image of the character sheets, so after a few days I finally started trying to redraw them two nights ago. I’ve no experience working with Art Nouveau and I have serious problems drawing circles and smooth curves. But I went to it with gusto, trying to get that dream on paper. There are some elements that I’m not 100% fond of in this final version, but for a first try at Art Nouveau I’m happy with it.

Gangbusters Dream Sheet

Gangbusters Dream Sheet

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Here’s the final product, a one-sided character sheet for Gangbusters that combines art nouveau stylings for the stats and character illustration area, a medical release form for vital statistics, and of course a classic car for style. I’m particularly enamoured with the Medical Examination Form which I cribbed from a WW1 Canadian armed forces one combined with the statistical data asked for on the regular Gangbusters character sheet.