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Have you seen the latest offering from the Bundle of Holding? It’s called the Old School Revival Bundle +2. The last old school bundle included a bunch of S&W stuff as well as some free product support from a few of us on the fringes of the OSR.

But this one…

OSRBundle2 Yeah, you want a PDF copy of Dyson’s Delves and weren’t sure if $9.99 was a good enough deal? Right now it’s bundled with the commercial versions of Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion and the People of the Pit adventure for a minimum price of $7.95 – right off the bat you are saving a couple of bucks on Delves and everything else is free.

But there’s a metric shit tonne more awesome if you beat the “level up” price (which rises based on how much people have been paying for it, but is currently under $19 as I write this post. That shit tonne of awesome includes the new version of Death Frost Doom (one of the best known of the new old school adventures, recently rewritten, re illustrated and put through a gorgeous re layout), Lesserton and Mor, all three adventures in the River Knife Trilogy from Johnstone Metzger, and the awesome Scarlet Heroes from Kevin Crawford. All of these are designed to play using the Labyrinth Lord rules set (well, Death Frost Doom is a Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventure, which basically means the same thing) and are AWESOME.

So, why are you still reading this post instead of buying this bundle?