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The OSR+2 Bundle of Holding just got 100% more Dyson in it!

OSRBundle2-updateWith just over 48 hours left to buy the Bundle of Holding, my second book – Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts – has been added to the awesome collection of Labyrinth Lord PDFs.

This book takes most of the house rules for magic in my many B/X D&D campaigns and brings them together into one source for Labyrinth Lord play. In this book you have everything you need to play any of magic using character classes – from Wizard and Cleric and the classic elf, to any of the ten new classes presented here. In addition to the classes and spell lists, the book contains a collection of new magic items, and alternate expanded elementals.

Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts was written with the constraints and style of the classic B/X game in mind – spell lists are kept small (max of 12 spells per caster level – usually less) and while some classes have “unlocking” abilities at higher levels, they are kept simple and few.

This volume collects the best of my house rules for magic from decades of play. And while it’s normally $10 in PDF, right now it’s in the OSR Bundle of Holding where you can get it along with Dyson’s Delves, Labyrinth Lord and the AEC, People of the Pit, Death Frost Doom 2e, Lesserton & Mor, Qelong, the River Knife Trilogy of adventures, and Scarlet Heroes as a Labyrinth Lord uber package for under $20!

So check out the Old School Revival +2 Bundle of Holding!