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Five or so years ago I started drawing a new format of geomorph using a 10×10 grid with two entrances on each face. I drew over a hundred of these over the next year and somewhere along the way the format took off and today there are at least a thousand of these geomorphs available out there.

Then Joe from Inkwell Ideas came up with the idea of taking this goemorph format to the solid 3 dimensional format of dice. They are awesome and have been through multiple printings now.

Recently he got the old crew back together to work on a new version – taking the dungeonmorph dice and making village / city maps instead.

DungeonMorph Dice - Cities & Villages

DungeonMorph Dice – Cities & Villages

I was tapped and planned on taking part in the design of these dice like I was in the original DungeonMorph dice before them, but I just can’t seem to find the time these days to take on this work. However, I have been sitting in on the design process the whole way through and these dice are looking AWESOME.

Awesome enough that even though I have basically stopped backing RPG stuff on Kickstarter, I’m in on this one. Because these things are great and I loved the dice and cards from the original DungeonMorph dice.

Also, it would suck if this project didn’t make the very reasonable $10k goal to launch.

So check it out on Kickstarter!