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I’m now 8 maps into the Dyson Mega Delve and I thought it was about time to take a second look at the node map I used to originally lay out the place:

Dyson MegaDelve

MegaDelve Node Map

Now, many of the nodes are made up of multiple maps, so I started redrawing the whole node map using a chart-building program to come up with this revised version that shows all eight currently complete maps and what maps I expect to see when the project is done, as well as how they all link.

Mega Delve Node Map (8 complete)

Mega Delve Node Map (8 complete)

The map doesn’t come out all that clearly at blog resolution, so if you click on it you’ll get to see it blown up to it’s native resolution.

8 Maps into the process and we’ve got two nodes complete and a third nearly complete (the old Vietnamese Cavern node will be complete at the end of this coming week with the last two maps drawn for it). The only node that has a chance of being nearly as big as the “Vietnamese Cavern” in number of maps is the Dwarven City. Currently I have it listed as three maps, but I expect that in the end it will end up being somewhere between 5 and 8 maps.

If I actually stick to the number of maps shown on the node map above, then I should have the whole thing done in 17 maps – or 8 1/2 weeks from now. That’s a lot longer than I had originally anticipated for this project, but that’s what happens when you go MEGA I guess!