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There’s this super-secret Black Book edition of the B/X Rules out there. They are printed up using Lulu or LSI by various gamers using the very very clean PDFs of the 1981 Basic and Expert rulebooks sold by Wizards of the Coast via DNDClassics.com / OneBookShelf. I had mine printed up during the latest 50% off sale at Lulu and they look GORGEOUS (except of course that my name is printed on the lower left side of every page, but beggars can’t be choosers and all that).


But I figured this Black Book deserved a boxed set just like my red and blue book editions have. It took a bit of shopping around, but I finally settled on the RISSLA boxes from Ikea for the final production. The boxes are nice, feel almost like they are made of leather, and close using a magnetic clip on the cover/side. Also cool, the box comes with two smaller boxes inside – a tad too small to use to hold digest-sized stuff unfortunately, but I’m already planning on how to make specialized character sheets designed to fit inside them along with equipment cards, dice, and so on.


When opened, the box looks pretty, with the dice at the top and the cover of the B/X hardcover looking up at you. But there’s more in this lovely box than that… I recently acquired a pair of copies of the B/X rule books still in their original shrink wrap, and it was just too much to pass up on including them in here.

So here’s the full contents as it currently stands:

  • Two copies of the B/X Hardcover
  • Mint copies of the B & X softcovers
  • Gateway to Adventure catalog / booklet
  • 12 B/X Character Sheets
  • Black Gamescience dice & metal d20


Now I need to get my hands on mint copies of three adventures to make this “really” feel complete to me: B1, B2 and X1.