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I’ve been talking to various parties over on Google+ about where we go with this monstrosity once it is done.

My goal is to have 30+ one-page maps, each with a full-page drop table for wandering monsters. Instead of fully detailing each map, I’m going to write up the major factions on each, a few of their major characters, some cool treasures, and a few locations of interest that help establish the feel of the area. For most of the maps in question this will take up two letter-sized pages also. But with a setup like that, each DM will need to take notes on what they’ve added to each map to make it their own, and to record what’s been done by various groups of PCs during their explorations, and what the various other factions have done between delves. So a nice 2 pages for DM notes for each map will probably be in order.

Originally I was thinking of going with a nice boxed set with each map and drop table being printed on its own parchment-esque page (like the tables from the original edition of Arms Law or Spell Law), with the Key and DM books being inside the box also. But this would require a fairly significant outlay of cash to produce, which in turn would require funding (via a kickstarter most likely). And I’ll be brutally honest with you AND I, I don’t think I’m trustworthy enough with your money to get the whole thing done after the kickstarter completes.

So, that lead to an alternate version that I could release as Print on Demand – a set of three spiral-bound books. Each level would have a 2-page spread in each book. In the first book each level would have a drop table on the left for wandering monsters and the map of the level on the right. In the second book each level would have a 2-page spread detailing the stuff that I’ve written up for the level in question. The third (optional) book would have a spread for each level of plain old blank lined paper where you could add your own notes.

I’m still not settled on the format… we’ll see as the work progresses.

Mega Delve Node Map

Mega Delve Node Map

Meanwhile, the Dyson Mega Delve continues to grow. With Friday’s map we are over half-way done mapping out the structure of the upper levels of the delve (assuming that I don’t split any of the remaining nodes into multiple maps we have 16 nodes done and 14 nodes to go).

But that’s probably a bad assumption. I bet we’ll have a few more maps show up before this is done. My mental estimate of the size of this beast for the last while has been just under 40 maps total – and the current node map has us at 30, so I expect that I’ll be adding 2-6 more maps before the delve is done.

And if this works well… there’s always more to explore beneath the dwarven mines.