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I love dice. I also happen to have a fridge covered in awesome RPG postcards courtesy of Jim Magnusson and Simon Forster (and a few of my own bits and bobs).

Over the past year or so, I’ve seen repeated kickstarters trying to make and sell dice fridge magnets (for about $20 per set). Looking closely at said, I realized that they were using Wiz Dice ($1.17 per set, roughly) and small rare earth magnets ($0.20 per unit, or so) for a total price per set slightly over $2.50. Sure, the kickstarted ones drilled a small depression into the die for the magnet to be glued into, but that’s really not all that necessary and was the only thing I wouldn’t be able to do at home.

So for Christmas my lovely girlfriend picked up a bunch of rare earth magnets for me from Lee Valley Tools. Combined with my already overflowing dice collection and a tube of Kragle, err, Krazy Glue, I made these. They stick solidly to the fridge, the dice stick VERY solidly to the magnets, and there is definitely not a “How do I unglue krazy glue from between my fingers and a plastic surface” search string in my google history. Honest.


If you decide to do this yourself (and why wouldn’t you? These look awesome on my fridge!), just remember to have a bottle of nail polish remover handy. If you look closely at the top photo, there’s a bit of my thumb still stuck between the 9 and 11 faces of the red Wiz Dice d12.