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I woke up this morning to an amazing die drop loot table from the awesome Kelvin Green. However, the way it was formatted meant that a lot of the dice I threw at it bounced off the table proper. So, with his blessing, I reformatted the table:

Loot-Table-In-ActionI’m a generous sort, and the whole “reroll dice that fall off the table if you are generous” meant I was rerolling a bunch of dice when I used the table as drawn up. So I resized it so the dice action takes up the whole page. But this means the instructions are missing… so I moved them to the back of the page. Not ideal, but after a few uses of the table you won’t be needing the instructions anymore anyways.

For the record, this photo of the chart in action is for a 7HD monster who’s treasure is:

  • 90 gp of weapons (a dagger with an ornate golden hilt)
  • 120 gp of small gems
  • 90 gp in gold
  • 600 sp
  • 150 gp of foodstuffs (that’s going to be a pain in the ass to cash in on… a whole pile of Tu’ung fruit just on the verge of perfect ripeness)
  • 180 ep in a coffer
  • a single 750 gp emerald.

You can download my “Extended 10 Inch DJ Remix” of his table here.

You can get the beautiful originals (PDF and JPG) from Kelvin’s blog here.

I would probably throw in a few funky dice when dealing with major bad guys. Throw in a d30 and a d24 when killing a dragon, for instance…