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I have a confession. I am a googly-eye graffiti artist. Well, the artist part is questionable. I’m a googly guerrilla. I google-eye things when I’m bored. I carry googly eyes in my pockets along with blue tack (so I don’t cause permanent damage when I place the eyes on things that aren’t mine – I use glue for the ones I put on my own stuff).

Instead of showing off my acts of civil disobedience, I tend to photograph my googly eyes that I put on and in my D&D books.


Googlynef here defends the great blade known as Blackrazor. It turns out the stuff in his hookah is a bit more potent than he or anyone else expected. I love White Plume Mountain, in all it’s weird nonsensical funhouse glory.


I admit I had a really hard time not putting a pair of googly eyes in less appropriate places on this particular Polyhedron cover. I’d love to run a big-ass game of Thunderball Rally some day, but probably not using the d20 system – maybe something that handles the cars as well as the people.


This one is one of my all-time favourite googly-eyed pieces. I love the look of the three cyclops in the back as they watch Mr Eyeball-head running across the desert plains of Athas.  Even the skull on the ground has a googly eye. You really can’t go wrong with a Brom piece though.