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More googly madness – feel free to just skip these posts, they are a bit silly, but they might explain why whenever someone posts something with googly eyes to google+, invariably one of the gamers in my circles tags me into the conversation.


Water traps with wights in white googly mountain. Not my best work, but the widely spread googly eyes on the fighter make her look a little odd…

(dare I say it? Wight Plume Mountain?)


One of my first Googly-Eyed D&D mods ever, the ghait is a monster from an awesome little book of truly very cool monsters that I picked up through Kickstarter. Two tiny little beady googly eyes and suddenly instead of being scary, he looks like he’s just had a cigar explode in his mouth.


And finally, the googly eyes totally add to the look of surprise on the poor mind flayer now that he’s being consumed by an insect swarm. Man, I love Erol Otus’ art. Doesn’t mean I can’t improve it with googly eyes though!