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So, it turns out that 2016 has the same calendar (generally speaking) as 1988 did. And while digging through old game boxes looking for my BattleTech rule books (which I didn’t find), I came across an awesome 1988 calendar (well, it didn’t have the googly eyes on it when I found it, but it does now!) :

Uncle Albert's 2038 Calendar

Uncle Albert’s 2038 Calendar

Okay, I was hoping it would be good for 2015, but 2016 is close enough that it will do (although it won’t actually work in 2038 as marked on the product).

This gem includes great stuff like Quebec Libre Day on January 9th, where we celebrate the establishment of the Republic of Quebec that happened back in 2010. Or we can remember the day that Utah seceded from the United States on August 15th, 2004, establishing the Republic of Deseret.

More frightening, it warns of the upcoming “Great California Earthquake” at 8.2 on the Richter scale that will be occurring on May 7th of this year (2015).

I love reading games set in the near future that were written 20+ years ago for stuff like this. It creates cool “alternate histories” instead of “believable futures”. Which makes suspension of disbelief even easier for me.