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There are some incredibly generous people out there. The patrons of the Dodecahedron contributed an average of $135 per map this past month, and have contributed on average slightly over $100 per map over through 2014. Another way to say this is that I’ve paid my rent every month last year through my cartography thanks to the awesome patrons who support the site through Patreon.

(What’s this Patreon thing? Click here for more information!)

Through 2014 I sent out a total of a dozen “Cartographic Care Packages” to random patrons. Each package contained a small collection of maps printed on faux parchment paper. In total I released a total of 106 maps and adventures through the year and if you look at them and compare them to my work prior to the launch of the patreon campaign you can clearly see the improvement in my drawing skills. Through patron support I’ve been able to buy higher quality equipment and stretch my wings ever further as I draw.

If it weren’t for the support of my patrons, I definitely wouldn’t have engaged in the current push to put together a full MegaDungeon style environment that I will be bringing to print this year.

When I started writing this post it was to exclaim that we are 92% of the way to the $300 target where I would be releasing maps on the blog under a FREE commercial license. This would change up the license on my releases so instead of just being free for personal use, they become free for commercial use also. Each map that brings in $300 or more of funding will be released under a commercial license for anyone to use as they wish including using them to publish adventures and modules for the huge variety of RPG systems out there.

But, we aren’t at 92% of that funding goal yet. Because of the expenses of the season, surprise medical bills, and in one case the death of one of my patrons, the patronage total has actually dropped this month, bringing us to 87% of that target goal.

So in addition to thanking the incredible patrons who keep me going, this is also a funding drive. Go through the various maps I’ve posted in the last five years. I recommend waiting for the page to load and starting at the bottom (most recent) and working your way up the list. If you find one you like and would use in your game, decide for yourself if you would pay for this service, and if you can afford to pay for this service. If the answer to both is “yes”, then check out the Patreon Campaign Page to learn how to become a patron of the Dodecahedron.

You can join forces to support the continued cartography with awesome people like Paul MacDonald, Lorne Cooper, Jeff Russell, Luis Velasco, Carolyn, Pablo, David Magill, David Dowd, Keith Nelson, Harald Wagener, Grey Knight, Nathanael Cole, Parker, Bryant Durrell, Simon Forster, Dave LeCompte, Jesse Thomas Alford, Artemiy, Riley Vann, Kyle Maxwell, Jeff, John Eternal, Joshua Rodman, Milton Murphy, Greg Skinner, Corey Reid, David Lane, Mike Therrien, David Turner, Jesse Butler, Wayne’s Books, Ernest, Chuck Beaulne, Mike Firoved, Judd, Elad, Veselin Kostadinov, Chuck Whelon, Gregory Gorgonmilk, Eric Eslinger, Seth Gupton, Andreas Walters, Tim Czarnecki, Jason, Peter Schwab, Brad Robins, Raven Daegmorgan, Jason Pitre, Ray Otus, Evil Hat Productions, Penda Tomlinson, Russell Hoyle, Conor Haines, Lucas Haley, John Thomasovich, Shane Harsch, Nathan Harrison, Ryan Good, Zomboi , Benjamin Wenham, David Risher, Kenji Ikiryo, Nick Marchese, Misha Bushyager, Scott Kehl, Andrew Crenshaw, TiredOrangeCat , David Bendit, Mike Burnett, Giuseppe D’Aristotile, Pearce Shea, Tim Shorts, Jeremy Kear, Nanander , Christine Gertz, Guy Hoyle, Thomas Drevon, Tony A. Thompson, Tom Miller, Paul Stefko, Eric Mersmann, Wayne , Yragael Malbos, Casey Garske, Christopher Weeks, Drewbot , Keith Senkowski, matt johnson, acritarche , Ara Kooser, Paul Arezina, Michael Raichelson, Dave , Mikael Hansson, Dan Behlings, Seth Clayton, Horacio Gonzalez, John Linzy, Mica Fetz, Rafael Rocha, Eric Franklin, J Dale Himebaugh, Jamie Curierre, Lester Ward, Derik Badman, Herman Duyker, Matthew Isom, Thor Olavsrud, Todd Beaubien, Garth Gergerich, Chris Blauwkamp, Tony Dowler, Daniel Swensen, Matthew Klein, Kurt Roesener, Udo Femi, Gaelan , Connor Fanning, Gary Montgomery, Philippe Marichal, Xavier Rodriguez, Akerraren Adarrak, Jason Mather, Peter Froehlich, Aaron Roudabush, Dan Helderman, Tina Mammoser, John W. Sheldon, Michael , Creighton Broadhurst, Jon Mayo, Robert Anstett, Johnn Four, Johan , MapForge , Jeshields , Siobhan Fairbrass, Donogh McCarthy, Roger Brasslett, Paul
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These people are heroes. They have changed my life. Thank you.