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I’ve talked before about how much of a fan I am of the classic adventure In Search of the Unknown.

In Search of the Unknown Cover


But there are times when the convoluted and bizarre map just doesn’t work the way I want for a game. As it stands, the potential exists that a lot of the game time can be spent exploring the hallways of the adventure instead of the far more interesting rooms that those corridors lead to. It also includes a LOT of areas where the walls a “a pencil stroke thick” (or as I generally play them, 1″ thick masonry walls).

Generally I’m cool with the original map because it encourages exploration play and you can make various areas of the dungeon feel isolated from each other (like the throne room on the lower right which certainly feels like it’s own “sector” of the dungeon.)

But a thread over on Dragonsfoot turned me on to this alternate map for the upper level of the dungeon. It keeps all the numbered rooms from the original, but cleans up the design to make it more consistent and also a lot easier to explore. I’m not sure I like the throne room being right as you walk into the main intersection, but it makes sense in it’s own way.

Quasqueton Upper Level (Alternate)

Quasqueton Upper Level (Alternate)

I’ve printed it off and put it inside my copy of B1 in case I want to pull it out with a different floorplan for a faster exploration experience.