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mad mystics of kwantoom

A while back I tried to run myself a solo D&D game using Mad Monks of Kwantoom and a playtest B/X D&D Psionics book from New Big Dragon. I drew a bunch of pretty pagodas, but didn’t document the game well and then forgot about it.

So I recently started a new one with a new party assembled in Kwantoom to explore the Pagodas (or just the city, whatever rocks their collective boats, right?)

  • Carlen HearthWarden (Healer)
  • Ersen the Younger (Elf Swordmage)
  • Silent Brother (Willow Leaf Monk)
  • Dorian Worldshaper (Mystic)
  • Gurglesnot (Arcane Babbler Gibbering Mouther)
  • Doomhammer (Fighter)

Day 1 – Gurglesnot’s spell is Charm Person

We begin in the district of Kuan Loon, carrying our gibbering mouther in a basket to keep it from freaking too many locals out. We are appraoched by Mo Shu-sai-chong who sees that we are outsiders and likely to be travelling to the Pogodas – his teenaged daughter sought to prove her bravery and has travelled to the Pagodas and he offers us 350gp to rescue her! With that kind of offer, we have no choice but to head to the Pagodas as soon as we check out the local shops, err, I mean right away! (She will be found in the 31st chamber or room we explore)

Shops Found:

  • Caw’s Knotshop
  • Koom-Pah Candlesticks (buy 10 firecrackers for 1sp)
  • Lo’s Famous Chopsticks
  • Mong’s Weapon Counter
  • Palace of the Red Glove (promise to return to celebrate after our expedition!)
  • The Shrine of Avalokiteshvara

Attempt to hire footmen, but they are wary of our screaming basket of eyeballs.

That evening, we embark on a boat to the 1001 Pagodas of Doom

Pagoda 1
1A – Door is ajar. Two demonic statues face off from opposite corners of the room.
1B – Another demonic statue watches over this room and the 26 Pa’Kua Kobolds that live here! That’s a lot of kobolds! With 26 of them there are two 2HD leaders. Each one can cast bless or curse 1/day. This is going to be trouble! Fortunately we surprised them. Immediately Ersen the Younger casts sleep and rolls a 14, taking out just over half of the kobolds. In a flurry of attacks, three more are slain and one of the leaders is charmed by Gurglesnot. With 17 down, and one trying to figure out what the fuck is going on, the remaining nine miraculously make their morale check.
Fortunately initiative is in the party’s favour and another four are slain, one slowly being consumed by gurglesnot (and holy crap, two attacks for the monk at level 1 is very powerful!). The remaining four immediately try to make a fighting retreat out the back door while one casts bless on their remaining forces and another bane on the party.
1C – Once through the door to the small dead-end chamber beyond, they rush to break open one of the strange wooden kegs found therein. 3 Kegs (full of mysterious amber jelly – acts like a potion of giant strength – 6 doses). With another won initiative, the party descends upon them and slaughters the remaining kobolds.
Hoard Class I x 26 = 364cp
Hoard Class XIII x 1 = 2000sp in two small coffers
1D – Octagonal chamber contains a larg e mirror – looking into the mirror triggers a glyph of fire dealing 4 damage to the elf. The healer casts her only Cure Minor Wounds spell, healing 3 of the damage.

We then find stairs leading down beneath the pagoda. At the bottom of the stairs, a thin laquer wood door blocks our path. Fortunately the monk spots the poison arrow trap peventing a calamity.


In the basement corridor we ran afoul of an ambush from behind by a pair of Sheng Men when we ran into a dead end. With surprise, they fell upon our back rank, striking Gurglesnot and paralyzing the screaming beast with foul poisons. Out of spells and with our back rank exposed in tight confines, the issue becomes trying to get someone with real fighting skills to the front. The mystic invokes his psionic invisibility to try to slip past the Sheng Men and the charmed kobold jumps into the fray. The kobold gets reduced to 3 hit points, but is not paralyzed. Finally able to maneuver Doomhammer to the back rank, he smashes one sheng man into a smear in the wall while the wounded kobold grabs at his injured side (rolled a 1 on his attack roll) and is finished off by the remaining sheng man. The monster then turns his attention to Doomhammer and a short back and forth ends with the predictable result of Doomhammer’s hammer of doom embedded in the sheng man’s head. Fortunately no one contracts the strange and deadly poison from the black blood of these foul creatures.

1E – Pushing our luck we check to the south, finding the small chamber of the Sheng Men, where two more of their kin are watched over by the statue of a much larger and more demonic version of these human-like creatures. Seeking revenge for our lost Kobold companion, we fell upon the Sheng Men with surprise, slaughtering them in seconds. On each side of the statue is a chest, the first containing 500gp, and the second three jars of extremely rare and vibrant purple dyes worth an astounding 900gp EACH. Retreating from the pagoda, we returned to Kwantoom to sell our loot and hopefully recruit a few henchmen.


Expedition Tally:
Rooms Explored: 5
Treasure: 3223 gp equivalent
Magic: 6 doses potion of giant strength
XP: 575 XP each (604 with 5% bonus) (633 with 10% bonus)