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To the east of the Hematite Mines and south of the Dwarven Outpost we arrive at the Giant Citadel. Originally listed in the node maps as a single map, I realized I really wanted this node to be about “big” – so large halls, large chambers… and thus more than one map.

Giant Citadel - North (with grid)

Giant Citadel – North (with grid)

I’ve also got a love for little caves and cracks in big areas, so I included to sets of passages that are entwined into the area – the caves that lead here from the dwarven outpost to the north. In this case one set (the ones where the strange fungus-born nightmare stalkers live) leads to the mines outside of the citadel, and the other passage (that the dwarves use on occasion) leads straight through the citadel and on to the next map. The highlight of this is the section almost in the middle of the page (above, not the picture below) where the dwarven tunnel is basically a big crack in the floor of a passage in the giant citadel – a way for sneaky dwarves (and adventurers) to see how terrifying the giant controlled node can be without having to directly interact with it.


This node is home to a large clan of stone giants and their assorted henchmen, lesser giants, and hangers-on. Most of the stone giants live in the southern portion of the citadel, and this area exists mostly for water access and the clothes washing room, as well as a guard room that looks out onto the dwarven mines beyond. The dwarves occasionally run through here in order to get to their alternate exit from the mountain, a small door in the southern part of the citadel that is not too far from the giants’ own great gate.

Giant Citadel - North (no grid)

Giant Citadel – North (no grid)