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I spent yesterday mapping with my isometric graphing paper that my lovely girlfriend bought me for Christmas (you’ll see why I had the pad out on Tuesday when I post the map I was working on yesterday). But in the process I drank a lot of caffeine.

Which is rough, because I pretty much cut caffeine out of my diet recently. So as night arrived, I still had the pad in front of me, and a pencil… and too much energy.


So this started to happen. Just a random collection of lines and buildings in a strictly isometric perspective, without thought as to gameability or whether it would turn into a functional map or just… something else.

And it started to grow… Sometime around 1:30 this morning I realized I had filled the page with pencil scribblings (and spent a fair chunk of time erasing and redrawing sections to prevent accidental M.C. Escher twists) and it really was time for bed.


A full letter-sized page of madness. Some strange city where law and chaos have collided into an explosion of straight lines, sharp angles, and bizarre byways.

This morning I started to ink the final piece from last night (using a Sakura Micron 03 pen) and it rapidly grew more… solid. Less sketchy… Like a solid heavy thing slowly emerging from the potential of the grid and penciled lines.


A quick hit with the eraser later, scan the mofo into Photoshop and a bit of digital editing to make it a little more apparent as to what is what and we finally get The House of Seven Larks.

The House of Seven Larks

The House of Seven Larks

If you manage to use this in a game, I would LOVE to hear about it!