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Giant Citadel - South (with grid)

Giant Citadel – South (with grid)

Today we return to (and complete) the Giant Citadel. There’s a valley in the mountains that is avoided by sensible people and even adventurers (who are notoriously not in the sensible category most of the time) because it is home to a Stone Giant warlock of immense girth and supposedly immense power. Regular trade caravans run here however in order to meet his appetite for food and drink to complement his own herding operations that provide him with most of his meat. After all, keeping him fed and getting coin for it is a lot more appealing to most than having a kingdom of stone giants and assorted kin trampling around the area looking for free food.

These halls are where the stone warlock holds court. His throne room and feasting hall are immense and impressive and designed to accent his already incredible size compared to his petitioners. He surrounds himself with ettins and also employs gnoll and flind herders to maintain and protect his bison herds.

Giant Citadel - South (no grid)

Giant Citadel – South (no grid)

Recently he has gained a flight of gargoyles who have pledged allegiance to his kingdom. They now lurk in various nooks and crannies about the area as quiet and often unseen guardians. One of these gargoyles has discovered the comings and goings of verminous dwarves from the northern pantry attached to the kitchen and has killed and eaten one such intruder and now waits silently to figure out exactly how they are entering the pantry…


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