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There is a stout tower along the Akkedis Trail that is decorated with massive white chunks of stone along its battlements. To those who pass through its shadow on the trail it has become known as either the Crown of Teeth, or the Titan’s Teeth.

Titan's Teeth (with grid)

Titan’s Teeth (with grid)

It is said that the “teeth” were pulled from the ancient corpse of a primordial titan of wind and sight. The same tales would claim that the teeth confer some of the titan’s powers to those who stand atop the tower, granting the ability to see incredible distances and to accurately shoot at twice or three times the normal range of a longbow.

Titan's Teeth (no grid)

Titan’s Teeth (no grid)

The Titan’s Teeth has four levels above ground (plus the battlements) one level half underground and a final “dungeon” level underground that contains a secret passage to the surface some distance away.


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