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Like the other day when I was doodling the little hexmap vignette, I decided to do another one last night – but a little dungeon vignette.


The goal was something I could use to touch up the graphical content on my Patreon page (although I forgot exactly how hard it is to get formatting to stick using the Patreon backend… ugh).


But this time instead of a hexmap I drew a little dungeon vignette. Starting with pencil sketches and gradually working it up to a fully inked and crosshatched finale.


The irony is of course that my normal maps rarely evolve like this unless I’m drawing them on commission in which case I go through a few drafts to get to the final product. The rest usually involve zero pencil work and go straight to ink.


But this little evolving vignette is pretty cool regardless of how atypical it may be of my standard working style.