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And here we are with the final map of “The Upper Levels” of the Dyson Mega Delve. Added in on a whim when I was working on the Dwarven City levels, the Harpy Tower climbs up above the rest of the dungeon and seals the deal as the 31st map of the set.

The Harpy Tower (with grid)

The Harpy Tower (with grid)

Climbing up over 2,000 feet above the dwarven city it watches over, this tower has become home to a clamour of harpies who have taken over most of the easily accessible levels of this mighty tower.

When reading the map, the levels are set out with the bottom most level of the tower on the upper right corner, and then the levels are laid out in a clockwise pattern with the second level below the first, then the two upper levels (which are the homes of the harpies) on the lower left and middle left, and then finally the tower itself on the upper left.

The stairs connecting this tower to the dwarven city gates below were destroyed when the dwarven city was sealed off after the great war. The lowest level of the tower is 120 feet above the floor of the city gates level, and well over 60 feet above the top of the ruined staircase.

And of course, anyone making that climb would have to remain wary of harpy scouts and dive-bombing.

The Harpy Tower (no grid)

The Harpy Tower (no grid)

As we were discussing this map on google+ when I drew it, I realized that the design of the Harpy Tower is kind of central to D&D mythology because of Durin’s Tower and the Endless Stair in Moria, destroyed in the battle between the Balrog and that Mary Sue DMPC Gandalf.

To the point that I didn’t even realize that’s what I was drawing until I had drawn it and started discussing it.


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