April has sprung and that means I get a preview window into how this month’s patreon campaign is looking.


So here’s the little thing I get as a Patreon creator that appears in the backend of Patreon. It tells me what I’ll be getting per creation for the next three creations.

What it is telling me is that the first two creations are going to break that $300 line with no problem, meaning they are both going to be full commercially licensed maps for anyone to use.

Plus, as promised, for the first while that we are over the $300 line I’m going to be rolling over the surplus from items that go over $300 to the next items until they don’t go over $300.

This means we still have a carryover of $85.56 after the third map is released which will definitely push the fourth over the line. Based on last month’s numbers, the fourth should fund for about $268 and the fifth for $242. Based on those numbers we’ll definitely have four commercial releases this month, with a slight chance of a fifth (especially if we get some new funding in before mid-month).

For the record, I expect I’ll keep doing the carry-over for funding over the $300 mark for the next two months, and then start dialing it back where we switch to the actual campaign promise of releasing each map that actually funds over the $300 line instead of carrying over the extra funding from map to map. Maybe I’ll run a bridge period where I roll over half the money or something…