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Ah, city maps. They are some of my favourites, and some of my most hated works. A good city map makes me want to run a game immediately when I see it, but takes me three times as long to draw as any other similarly-sized map (maybe due to all those little boxes I sit and draw for hours at a time?)



Named for the massive wooden bridge that spans the Merrow River in the heart of the city, Alderbridge is better known for its more recent and impressive (non-wooden) span – “Kurroth’s Crossing”.

Made by dwarves during a lull in the great war, it is a good 60 feet wide and 180 feet long and made of black metal and nearly white quartz-heavy granite. “Kuroth’s Crossing” is also known as “Kuroth’s Beard” because the head engineer (Kuroth Burgothal) had a beard that was almost as white as snow except for four long bands of black that he braided forward prominently.

Alderbridge is quite close to a major granite quarry which explains the number of fortified structures in the city (drawn in black). It is further fortified by the small enclave to the south of the city proper. This sub-fortress is the Alderbridge Scholastica – a school of wizardry, magics and astrology.


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