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The Incomplete Palace (with grid)

The Incomplete Palace (with grid)

Prince Eluwerr’s palace was still under construction, the marble of the great fountain still covered under the artist’s tarp when the invaders arrived. The prince was captured and put to the stake. The first to move into the palace were a pair of opportunistic merchants who began selling off the various stockpiles of construction material. But soon they were joined by others and now the Palace Market is a regular stop for those seeking unusual wares.

The maps above and below are of the actual palace constructions at the time of their being abandoned. The upstairs of the great hall is incomplete, just a stone roof (actually not even a proper roof – realistically the floor of the level that was never built) that collects bird shit and rain year-round.

The Palace Market (no grid)

The Incomplete Palace (no grid)

But there is a lot more to the palace now than the bare construction. Over the years since the construction was abandoned more than just a simple market has sprung up here. Collecting old wood from the supplies here and from the city, a cluster of semi-permanent and fully permanent wooden buildings of various qualities have been assembled in the area to support the market and to eke out a living from it.

The Palace Market

The Palace Market

And just to showcase how “unusual” the wares can be in the Palace Market, I drew up one final version of the map with the various shops indicated. Now these aren’t completely serious – this is more the kind of thing you would find in a “Goblin Market” or a game with odd flights of fancy than in a strictly medieval European game or even a Tolkien or Sword & Sorcery styled game. This would be more in keeping with a market on the verge of a Red and Pleasant Land or creeping in from someone’s nightmares and dreams.

The Palace Goblin Market

The Palace Goblin Market

Personally, I love the idea that if you have been sent to the market to pick up something to get rid of the bed-lice you have to wander through a shop selling screaming souls first.


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