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There is a combination arms race / fashion war between the various crater states of the salt flats as to whom has the best pole arms and which is appropriate to which situation. Some feel that voulges achieve peak wave at two waves, others three, some even more (although all agree that the gaudy nine-wave voulge-fork of Herzog’s Spire is over the top, unwieldy and most importantly terribly unhip). Snail Lord PoleArms Set 1Set 1 – from left to right:

  • The Particular Axe
  • Seven Headed Bastard
  • Unstable Bill
  • Spitting Fork with Evening Star
  • Two Wave Voulge Hook
  • Spiny Bearded Voulge
  • Reinforced Hooked Fork (aka the Escargot Fork Mk II)
  • Three Wave Spiked Voulge
  • Razor Trident of the Frond Oases

Pole Arm designers in the various Crater States of the salt flats (primarily snail lords, although a few toad women are also involved in the industry) are a mix of military genius and fashion agent, and armchair guisarme enthusiasts are quick to point out how bad the designs of specific houses are… Snail Lord PoleArms Set 2

Set 2 – from left to right:

  • Violet Axe-Awl, Capped
  • Sporting Axe, Short
  • Three Pronged Bardiche, Double Collared
  • Nine Wave Voulge-Fork, Tacky
  • Asymmetric Bill Fork
  • Spined Salt Chopper
  • Reticulated Arched-Back Battle Axe

Few snail lords actually get involved in the hard work of crafting armament, instead they are involved in the fashion industry of designing the pieces to be crafted by the base creatures of the Crater States.

Polearms serve a strong social function. Carrying a state-of-the-art polearm of a fashionable style in your region says that you are a young noble with an eye on the latest technologies, when other gastropods might instead be carrying their great-uncle’s skirmishing fauchard.

“Seriously, a skirmishing fauchard? We’re dealing with the hostile memories of ancient wars here and you brought a skirmishing fauchard? Why don’t you just advertise that your parents were peasants right on your shell?”

Snail Lord PoleArms Set 3 Set 3 – from left to right:

  • Casey’s Spiral Fauchard
  • Snail-Spike Hammer with Bastards
  • Goblin Partisan
  • Salt-Hook Fauchard
  • Awkward Hook
  • Goblin-Crotch Ranseur
  • Light Skirmishing Fauchard
  • Whistling Sovnya Fauchard

All of these will appear sooner or later properly scanned in “Snail Lords of the Salt Flats”. And the best part? Here’s the stats for all 24 polearms presented here: Polearm, 7gp, 1d10 damage