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The Stone Sinister

The Stone Sinister

Every now and again I go to my patrons at the $2.50 level and up and ask for ideas for upcoming maps. I don’t guarantee that they will get done or even incorporated into a map, but sometimes one just jumps out and grabs my imagination like a great big hand.

Like this great big hand.

How about a dungeon built into a giant stone hand rising out of the earth?

That’s what Simon Forster suggested and it took me about four hours to draw it from beginning to end. It just… grabbed me. It also launched a huge selection of hand puns on google+

A massive stone hand of a nigh-unbelievable scale, the Stone Sinister appears to be the grasping hand of some massive giant pushing out of the ground. Maybe the result of strange magics (or a titan fumbling a saving throw against a cockatrice), or just as likely a piece of obscure architecture, the Sinister is partially hollow with multiple levels linked together by a ladder that runs up along the inside of the back of the hand in line with the pointer finger.

Only the pinky, thumb and middle fingers have been hollowed out. The thumb is seldom used for anything, and the pinky collapsed opening the chamber beneath it to the elements. The middle finger, however, has its own secret ladder that leads up to two levels within it, the top having a series of narrow windows or arrow slits built into it as an observation turret.


This map is available to you for free for personal and commercial use thanks to the awesome patrons of the Dodecahedron Patreon Campaign. The awesome outpouring of support from Josh, Phil Everson, Ryan Stoughton, Pablo “Hersho” Dominguez, and over 200 other amazing patrons keeps these maps flowing for your use.

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Creative Commons LicenseCartography by Dyson Logos is licensed under a
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Again, this shouldn’t need repeating, but this only applies to these two maps in this post!

If you do find a use for one of this distinctly odd map in your games, I would love to hear about it!