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In February I posted a 5th edition version of the classic AD&D Permanent Character Folder put together by Paul Longino aka MexicanTappingWhale over on Reddit. Well, as of this week he has finally acquired a scanner and we have the first of his maps!

Presenting The Temple of Nib-Toog, a subterranean temple of a cult of degenerate lizard people. My favourite kind of lizard people, I might add.

the Temple of Nib-Toog

the Temple of Nib-Toog

I think Paul’s influences shine through in this map. I particularly like the use of the isometric projection to explain the overlapping levels.

A few more like this and I’ll put together a sub-page to collect all of Paul’s work in one part of the blog.

This map is copyright 2015 by Paul Longino and reproduced here with his permission.