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In order to maintain transparency above the $300 pledge level, here’s a snapshot of my Patreon backend before I posted the map on Tuesday:

Patreon Backend, April

Patreon Backend, April

The upside is that with a few more pledges we’ll legitimately be hitting three full maps a month over the $300 mark. Since we’re still in the first few months of the Commercial Maps level of the campaign, we’re still rolling over the pledge totals above the $300 mark to the next map to try to get as many over the line as possible.

While the first two releases end up just over $100 over the pledge line, that balance is bitten into lightly by the third release, and the fourth (the Dark Spire posted on Tuesday) bit off enough that there’s not going to be a fifth commercial release this month.

I’m hoping we can bring it up to five next month with the roll-overs, and then maybe start cutting back on the roll-over as we’ll still be getting at least three commercial releases a month just using the straight pledge totals. Also we’re now over 85% of the way to our next goal – at $450 total funding per map I’ll be going through the old maps on the blog and putting together a selection of 4-10 each month that patrons will vote on – the one that gets the most votes will be added to the collection of maps available under the free commercial license that the $300+ maps are under.

On the other commercial front of the Dodecahedron, a recent discussion about sales numbers for OSR products made me go through my sales numbers from day 1 to now for the first time since Delves II came out and I figured I could share those numbers here. These account for all sales since December 12, 2012 to the present day (just over 28 months of sales).

Dyson’s Delves 1
643 Print
320 PDF
628 Bundle of Holding

Dyson’s Delves 2
273 Print
195 PDF

Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts
154 Print
103 PDF
523 Bundle of Holding

Total Sales
1,070 Print
618 PDF
1,151 Bundle of Holding

I’ve listed the Bundle of Holding sales differently because they aren’t direct sales like all the others (they rely upon and become part of the power of the bundle itself to make a sale) and the profit per unit sold is significantly lower also (being roughly 1/6 the revenue for a direct sale).