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I’m working with Kabuki Kaiser of the excellent Mad Monks of Kwantoom and Ruins of the Undercity on his latest piece – Castle Gargantua. The theme of this is a castle in the scale of giants. But not the giants of classical D&D that can be up to 21-24 feet tall. No, these are the giants of legend – the giants of Jack and Beanstalk, giants that will carry a sack of cows.

Giants that build things using a 60 foot grid instead of a 10 foot grid.

Structures of Castle Gargantua (with grid)

Structures of Castle Gargantua (with grid)

The castle is of course enormous – these are just three of the locations in the sprawling complex of towers, chambers, outbuildings, curtain walls, keeps and so on. The hardest part of working at the presented scale is drawing the human-sized things in them because of course the giants have long ago moved on and left this massive structure to be explored by those foolhardy enough to try to loot the lairs of creatures that would kill them by stepping on them.

And of course, there’s still some giant-scaled furniture in these areas. Massive beds, chests, ovens and tables make appearances in these maps alongside much smaller human-scaled furnishings.

Castle Gargantua Constructions (no grid)

Structures of CastleĀ Gargantua (no grid)

Even without using the Castle Gargantua book, these maps have me wanting to run encounters in them – massive towers and kitchens that are now run by creatures the size of mice compared to the original owners.