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Once upon a time I was keeping up with the awesome cartography of Kevin Campbell on the blog in order to help preserve his works as well as making them available to those who don’t follow him or the Map Making in Games community on Google+

For the next while I’ll be posting another Kevin Campbell piece every Sunday until I catch up with his current body of work again. I’ll also try to keep on top of the official “Kevin Campbell Cartography” page here on the Dodecahedron to collate the maps as I post them.

Kevin Campbell's Dungeon #12

Kevin Campbell’s Dungeon #12

This particular one is one I missed between posting maps #11 and #13 from the collection.

I particularly like how it breaks away from the linearity of most of his first batch of maps. There are multiple ways to get from one area to another instead of being stuck moving along a single circuitous pathway. I also, as always, appreciate his free pencil work and the un-annotated furnishings or whatever they may be in the various rooms and passages.

Kevin also pointed out in the comments below that he did a graphic of his thought processes in the production of this map, so I’ve taken the liberty of including it here:


As with all of Kevin’s maps presented here, this remains the copyright of Kevin Campbell and is reproduced here with permission. He grants license for use of the map for personal use only.